Alternative Johnnie Walker : #37 Lindsay Ullmann

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Singer, song writer, author and journalist Lindsay Ullmann has used her tough experiences as a teenager to write a self help book for teenagers called Teen Spirit. It's now being using in schools, placed in libraries and is an inspiration for workshops to help young people (and their teachers, parents and guardians).

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Alternative Johnnie Walker : #36 Summer Soltice Special
Saturday, June 29th 2013

A Summer Solstice Special with Sudha chanting at the Magna Yoga Centre and chasing the Super Moon at West Kennet Long Barrow with guide Peter Knight

Alternative Johnnie Walker : #35 : Simon Berry
Tuesday, May 14 2013

An inspirational story about the real difference two people can make with patience, commitment and dedication.

Simon and Jane Berry wondered why the shop in the small impoverished villages of Zambia had no medicines but there was always bottles of Coca Cola.

And so began the amazing story of Colalife and the life saving product that recently won the Product Design of the Year Award.

Alternative Johnnie Walker : #34 : Willie Nile
Saturday, April 27 2013

Willie Nile has toured the US with the Who and, at the invitation of the Boss, played several stadium shows with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. He embodies the true spirit of rock n roll and his live shows are legendary. He's been praised for great songs like 'Streets of New York' and 'On The Road To Cavalry' and whilst on his latest UK tour Johnnie talked with Willie about the spiritual power of music.

Alternative Johnnie Walker : #33 : Stephanie Moore
Saturday, March 16th 2013

You are what you eat they say but there is so much conflicting advice about food. In this podcast nutritionist Stephanie Moore gives us the benefit of hours of study and research to give some amazing advice about food and particularly accurate information about the healthiest oils.


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